Project Description

Simple and minimal yet classy and comfortable; these offices were designed to meet this description. The entrance is a long corridor, leading to an open space area. There one finds the reception desk along with a large working surface that welcomes everyone to work in a more casual and comfortable way than the typical office space. Around this area, separated by glass, there is one office space and a meeting room, for when privacy is required. Next to that, a little more isolated, there is the secretary office which leads to the main office of the CO of the company. This office space was designed with a minimal concept in mind. The simple yet elegant lines of the furniture complement the simple layout of the offices.  At the same time the glass walls allow natural light to pass freely from room to room unifying the whole of the space giving life and movement in every
little corner of the offices. Using white as the main colour the space would inevitably be bright. Therefore, lighting had to be adjusted to these conditions and preferably flexible to follow the changing needs of the day and of the activities of the office. In the main area, dimmable linear lighting was chosen, in order to serve the purpose of plenty of light when needed to work intensively but also dimmed, softer light when working rhythms are slower and more relaxed. Following the same scheme throughout, for aesthetics and functional purposes, one will find hanging linear lighting above the reception and built in linear
lighting in the offices and the meeting room. In the CO office a concave system was used that allowed both general concave lighting and spotlighting to co-exist in an elegant way. The line of the general lighting follows through the entire room and at signified spots spotlights were placed in order to highlight works of art. Of course the entrance would follow the same linear scheme. In this case thin lines of concave led light, both on the ceiling and on the walls, accentuate the long hallway leading from the entrance to the reception. The lighting fixtures used in this case follow contemporary technologies and were chosen for this reason as well as for their simplicity. In this way the light, and not the fixtures, actually stands out and complements the space.