Project Description

The project has been shortlisted in the International Project (Interiors) Category for the 2013 Lighting Design Awards. 

This private residence by the seaside outside of Athens was conceived as a modern family summer house, situated in a rocky peninsula, overlooking the sea and the ancient Neptune Temple. The design vocabulary that was used throughout the house employed three broad lighting principles, recessed trimless ceiling fittings, concealed linear lighting and uplighting accents.
Recessed trimless ceiling spotlights, either for general or accent lighting were used in order to be fully integrated into the architecture. All fittings have deep-set lamps for minimum glare. For the dining room feature table, a custom-made pin-hole was designed by L+DG in order to have a completely trimless version. The fittings carefully arranged above the table provide punches of light for each placemat from 2.0cm ceiling apertures. Concealed lighting has been used throughout the house to accentuate its geometry, highlight special architectural features like niches and provide local lighting. Warm white Led strip-lighting, from different suppliers (according to the CRI and the lumen package), have been used inside the curtain slots, in all bathrooms as well as the steam-room and the wardrobes. The third design feature used in the lighting of both the interior and exterior of the house is in-ground uplight fittings in order to enhance and accentuate the stone walls. Additional exterior lighting features include the custom-made vertical slots at the entry-way façade that incorporate a concealed recessed spotlight.