Project Description

Kosmopolis Entertainment Center is located in Marousi, northern Athens. Τhe complex consists of twelve cinema screens, cafes and restaurants. The lighting scheme of Kosmopolis is centred on the façade and the landscape lighting. Linear waterproof wallwashers with colour changing power LED were installed on the façade in two hidden zones between the metal fins and the building. Regarding the landscape lighting, the main route through the site is highlighted by a series of in-ground blue LED signal fittings with a 1,5m distance between them. The lighting of the various architectural features has been realised with accuracy: the two elevators are wallwashed by in-ground narrow-beam metal-halide fittings, the entrance portico has a rectangular grid of recessed blue LED fittings that create an array of light points. The entire centre is very energy-efficient due to the use of the new technology light-sources, characterized by low consumption and high efficiency.